0x30: ATmega2560 breakout Pi Top Module




The Pi Top is becoming a popular platform for software development using the Raspberry Pi singleboard computer. However, interfacing hardware to the Pi Top can be challenging, since the hub does not conform with the RPi GPIO header. This module combines the computational power of the Raspberry Pi with the flexibility and easy of use of the ATmega2560 MCU combining the best of two Worlds.


This design breaks out the connections of the powerful ATmega2560 MCU thereby enabling development of sketches in the familiar Arduino IDE (also available for the RPi). This makes ad-hoc prototyping and programming easy. Using the full potential of the ATmega2560, one can severely free up resources on the RPi.

NB! an external programmer, e.g. USBasp, is needed to flash the firmware. However the UART is connected to the RPi allowing easy transfer of sketches once a bootlader has been flashed to the MCU. Suitable USB programmers are available on eBay for a few Euro.

License terms
The 0x33 design is published under the Creative Commons Unported 3.0 License.  I do not profit from this design, neither should you. You are welcome to adapt, modify, and redistribute this design as long as the license terms are respected.

Physical size of PCB

100 mm (width) by 56 mm (height). Double-sided.

Rendering and photos


DipTrace 3D rendering, frontside with components


DipTrace 3D rendering, backside with components


0x30 module mounted in a Pi Top 2


Bill of materials

1 pcs. 1×3, 2.54 mm pitch male header

1 pcs. 1×4, 2.54 mm pitch male header

2 pcs. 1×6 , 2.54 mm pitch male header

1 pcs. 1×16, 2.54 mm pitch male header

2 pcs. 1×32, 2.54 mm pitch male header

1 pcs. 2×3, 2.54 mm pitch male header

1 pcs. 4-pin jumper block (start), 2.54 mm pitch male header

2 pcs. jumper, 2.54 mm pitch

1 pcs. 2×17, 90 degree, 2.00 mm pitch, male header

1 pcs. pushbutton, SMD

3 pcs. LED, amber, 1206

1 pcs. tantalum capacitor, 10 uF, 16 V, SMD

9 pcs. decoupling capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF, 1206

1 pcs. filter capacitor, 22 pF, 1206

2 pcs. filter capacitor, 18 pF, 1206

1 pcs. pull up resistor, 10k, 1206

3 pcs. LED current limiting resistors, 1k, 1206

2 pcs. zero ohm resistors (jumpers), 1206

1 pcs. quartz oscillator, 16 MHz, HC-49U, SMD

1 pcs. ATmega2560, TQFP-100

1 pcs. MCP1525, prevision voltage reference, SOT-23

1 pcs. MCP1541, prevision voltage reference, SOT-23


Estimated cost

Components and circuit board should not cost more than EUR 10,-.



Schematic PDF: 0x30_schematic

DipTrace v. 3 schematic file: 0x30_schematic

DipTrace v. 3 PCB design file: 0x30_ratlined_public

Gerber files: 0x30_Gerber



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