0x01: 8 ch Taguchi Arduino Nano adaptor




Please see the e-nose project page for an elaborate description as well as practical examples.


This PCB connects to an eight channel Taguchi gas sensor array (see design 0x00) and forms the sensor excitation and data acquisition part of an electronic nose. An external Arduino Nano is needed. So is a power supply.

License terms
The 0x01 design is published under the Creative Commons Unported 3.0 License.  I do not profit from this design, neither should you. You are welcome to adapt, modify, and redistribute this design as long as the license terms are respected.

Physical size of PCB

100 mm (length) by 50 mm (width). Double-sided.

Rendering and photos

DipTrace 3D rendering, front without components (Rev. 11)


DipTrace 3D rendering, front with components (Rev. 11)


DipTrace 3D rendering, back without components (Rev. 11)


Photo of the PCB frontside, components mounted (Rev. 11)


Photo of the PCB backside, components mounted (Rev. 11)


Photo of an assembled 8 ch electronic nose (Rev. 11)

Bill of materials

Minimum viable system, rev. 11

2 pcs. 10-pin male header (0.1″/2.54 mm)

8 pcs. sensor guard resistor, 715R , form factor 1206

4 pcs. MCP42050 dual channel digital potentiometer, SOIC-14

5 pcs. 100 nF ceramic capacitor, 1206 – decoupling of power supply

2 pcs. 15-pin female header (0.1″/2.54 mm)

4 pcs. LL4007 rectifier diode, 1 kV, 1 A, DO-214 (SMD) – Grätz bridge allowing both DC and AC supplies

1 pcs. 1N5822 Schottky diode, D-214 (SMD)

1 pcs. LM2596S-5.0 switchmode regulator

2 pcs. 220 uF, 16 V, electrolytic capacitor, 8.35 mm, SMD

1 pcs. barrel power jack, 2.1 mm pin, 5.5 mm barrel

1 pcs. LED current limiting resistor, 1k, form factor 1206

1 pcs. LED, form factor 1206



2 pcs. two-way screw terminal, 5.08 mm pitch


Estimated cost

Digital potentiometers, switchmode regulator, inductor, headers, diodes, resistors, and capacitors should not cost more than EUR 15,-.



DipTrace schematic PDF file: 0x01rev11-schematic

DipTrace schematic file: 0x01rev11_schematic

DipTrace v. 3 PCB design file: 0x01rev11-ratlined-public

Gerber files: 0x01rev11

Firmware (HEX-file, hardware rev. 9): 0x01rev9-HEX-wtrimpot

Firmware (HEX-file, hardware rev. 11): 0x01rev11-HEX-wMCP42xxx

Datasheet (PDF): MCP42050 dual channel digital potentiometer



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