For a detailed introduction to embedded systems, consider reading the free online e-book from Mikro Elektronika.

Schematics and production files for printed circuit boards (PCBs) are made using DipTrace; occasionally also tested for intended functionality a priori using LT SPICE (DipTrace allows you to export net lists and component models for the simulation). Surface mount components are preferred over conventional plated through-hole components in all designs. Gerber files obtained from DipTrace are inspected using a Gerber file viewer. Finally, PCB production has been outsourced to iTEAD with due respect for the technical limitations of the manufacturing process.

Hardware designs have permanent URL addresses in the form www.maskau.dk/embedded/0xyy, where yy is a unique design designator. These short URL addresses can be put on the PCB silk screen allowing me to conveniently link physical hardware to online documentation.

External links
I prefer to link to online resources explaning fundamental principles and common applications, whenever possible. In that way you can skim through these vast amounts of documentation at your own pace if you so desire.

Downloadable archives

Datasheets, PCB design files, and Gerber files (PCB production files) are made available.

License terms
All designs are published under the Creative Commons Unported 3.0 License. In short: I do not profit from these designs, neither should you. You are welcome to adapt, modify, and redistribute the designs as long as the license terms are respected.

Warranty and liability

None whatsoever.

Listing of all tutorials to date
In reverse chronological order (newest tutorials appear first)

Tutorial: Pi Top Module PCB creation

Tutorial: graphical user interface (GUI) for RPi in Qt

Tutorial: reflow soldering

Tutorial: designing shields for Arduino Uno R3 with DipTrace

Listing of all projects to date
In reverse chronological order (newest projects appear first)

P02: Home automation

P01: Electronic nose

Listing of all designs to date
In reverse chronological order (newest designs appear first)

0x34: ATmega328P Pi Top Module

0x33: perfboard Pi Top Module

0x32: 3xIDC connector Pi Top Module

0x31: IDC connector Pi Top Module

0x30: ATmega2560 breakout Pi Top Module

0x2F: GPIO Pi Top Module

… design 0x2D is pending upload…

0x2E: DS18B20 Pi Top Module

0x2C: GPIO and COM interfaces Pi Top Module

0x2B: GPIO breakout Pi Top Module

0x2A: 16 bit port expander and LCD driver Pi Top Module

0x29: 16 ch A/D and 4 ch D/A converter Pi Top Module

… designs between 0x23 and 0x28 are pending upload…

0x22: 32 ch A/D and 8 ch D/A converter Raspberry Pi interface

… designs between 0x15 and 0x21 are pending upload…

0x14: ESP-12E breakout board

0x13: NodeMCU breakout board with relay

0x12: Arduino Nano IoT snap-connector board

0x11: DIN100 Taguchi array Arduino Nano adaptor

0x10: ESP-WROOM-32 breakout board

0x0F: 8 ch Taguchi gas sensor array DIN100

0x0E: Taguchi gas sensor Arduino Uno R3 shield

0x0D: 32 ch Taguchi array heater switcher

0x0C: 16 ch Taguchi array sensitivity selector

0x0B: 32 ch Taguchi array system backbone

0x0A: 32 ch Taguchi gas sensor array

0x09: 4 ch Taguchi gas sensor array DIN50

0x08: Arduino Nano breakout board

0x07: 16 ch Taguchi array system backbone

0x06: 16 ch DS18B20 temperature transmitter interface board

0x05: Arduino Nano GPIO board

0x04: 8 ch Taguchi  gas sensor array terminal connector

0x03: 16 ch Taguchi gas sensor array

0x02: 1 ch Taguchi gas sensor breakout board

0x01: 8 ch Taguchi gas sensor array adaptor for Arduino Nano

0x00: 8 ch Taguchi gas sensor array


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